The Tanita BC-532 tracks minute changes in weight over time with absolute precision. The body composition readings will give a true insight into your progress and the motivation to succeed. Our revolutionary InnerScan function is the ideal way to monitor your progress if you are serious about improving overall health and fitness. Results are clearly displayed on a large LCD screen. The stylish design and tempered glass platform are perfectly suited to the modern family bathroom.

Comprendre les mesures TANITA

Be informed to perform

Graisse corporelle (%)
Graisse viscérale
Masse musculaire

Muscle Quality

Muscle Score

Évaluation de la constitution physique
Masse osseuse
Taux Métabolique de Base (BMR)
Âge métabolique
Eau Corporelle Totale (TBW)
Muscle Mass
4 User Memory
Easy to Use
Glass Design
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