KITCHEN SCALE WITH 0.1G GRADUATION AND FLUID CONVERSION The Tanita digital cooking scale KD-320-WH white make everyday dishes and sweets is perfect for cooking. Minimum 0.1 g unit suitable for making bread (trace mode time, up to 300 g) from the lightweight up to max weight 3 kg. Ml mode with volumetric metering of water and milk are available. With a convenient storage case. Color is white

Comprendre les mesures TANITA

Be informed to perform

Graisse corporelle (%)
Graisse viscérale
Masse musculaire

Muscle Quality

Muscle Score

Évaluation de la constitution physique
Masse osseuse
Taux Métabolique de Base (BMR)
Âge métabolique
Eau Corporelle Totale (TBW)

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