Tanita DC-360 P: fast medical accuracy

Featuring Dual Frequency BIA technology, the DC-360P delivers full body composition analysis in 15 seconds. Results are instantly shown on the easy-to-read LCD screen and the integrated printer automatically prints the body composition measurements together with a top line analysis. The robust, low profile platform provides additional client stability. For large data collection and convenience, all data can be stored on the SD Card for future use. Compatible with GMon Pro Software, the DC-360P allows client trend analysis, health risk assessments and full data management.

The Tanita DC-360 P is a meant for use in gyms, physiotherapist’s offices, health centers and other professional environments. By scanning clients’ body using Dual Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), it gives an accurate picture of their health. Among other things, it shows their body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density and metabolic age. This body composition analysis is delivered quickly, within 15 seconds. Read more about the different Tanita measurements on our Understanding your Measurements-page.

The Tanita DC-360 P could not be easier to use. Clients fill in some basic information, such as their gender, age group and other basic information. Then they just have to step on the stable scale. The easy to read LCD screen then shows them everything they need to know. For even easier reading, it also includes a built-in printer. This can print a report of all the measurements and a top-line analysis.

As a professional, of course you want to be able to process the data in your computer. With Tanita’s GMON Pro software, you can do that. It allows you to keep records, analyse your clients’ progress, organize the data in graphs and create reports. Just use a cable to transfer the data to a laptop, or save it on an SD-card which you plug into your computer.

Are you looking for a Body Composition Monitor without a stand? Take a look at the DC-360 S.

Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, or check our Professional FAQ.

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