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  • Analyseurs de composition corporelle par segmentation

    For professional accuracy at home.

    If you are trying to get stronger or trying to lose weight, measuring your health is very important. With a Tanita segmental body composition monitor you can measure your health precisely, for each body part independently. That will give you a clear view of your health and progress, so you know exactly what to focus on. The readings of a Tanita segmental body composition monitor are based on reliable, accurate and proven bioelectrical impedance technology.

    Not sure what to choose? Find out if you need a segmental or regular body composition monitor.

  1. RD-545
    La forme physique prise au sérieux

    Monitor with advanced dual-frequency BIA technology.

    469,95 €
  2. BC-1500
    La forme physique prise au sérieux

    The ultimate athletes' monitor, created with IRONMAN.

    549,00 €
  3. BC-545N
    Vous êtes un sportif complet ?

    Get the max out of your training with this segmental monitor

    209,95 €
  4. BC-601
    Vous avez une spécialité ?

    Measure per segment and connect via SD-card

    Prix spécial 178,45 € Ancien prix 209,95 €

  • Analyseurs de composition corporelle

    Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

    A scale that tells you how healthy you are; it may sound like magic to some. However, the readings are based on reliable, accurate and proven technology. The body composition scale sends an imperceptible current through your body. This technology is called bioelectrical impedance analysis. Muscle, fat, bone and water conduct electricity at different rates. These rates of resistance are measured by the monitor.

    The body composition monitor processes this information combined with formulas and data such as your gender and age. This provides you with a wealth of measurements regarding fat, muscle, bone and water.

  1. BC-401
    L’analyseur familial

    BC-401 Connected Body Composition Monitor

    Available soon
  2. RD-953 Platinum
    RD-953 Platinum
    La forme physique prise au sérieux

    Smart scale with instant connectivity through My Tanita app.

    Prix spécial 178,45 € Ancien prix 209,95 €
  3. BC-587
    Vous avez une spécialité ?

    Has a high weight capacity of up to 200 kg. Extra wide for stability.

    103,95 €
  4. RD-953
    La forme physique prise au sérieux

    Smart scale with instant connectivity through My Tanita app.

    Achetez en volume à 209,95 €
  5. BC-543
    L’analyseur familial

    Bathroom body composition monitor with glass design.

    83,95 €
  6. BC-313
    Vous avez une spécialité ?

    Design body composition scale with touch screen.

    Achetez en volume à 83,95 €
  7. BC-718
    L’analyseur familial

    Family smart scale made of glass

    Achetez en volume à 72,95 €
  8. BC-730
    L’analyseur familial

    Easy to use and fairly priced. The perfect scale for the whole family

    Achetez en volume à 51,95 €
  9. BC-731
    Voyagez léger

    This smart scale has all the perks and is made to move

    Achetez en volume à 62,96 € Ancien prix 63,00 €
  10. BC-350
    Voyagez léger

    Lightweight body composition scale with 4-user memory.

    219,00 €



Do I need a body composition monitor?

A Tanita body composition monitor provides you with valuable measurements regarding your health. These measurements tell you about your body fat, muscles, metabolism, bone structure and body water.

Firstly, this provides you with insight into what you should work on. Based on this information you can adjust your diet or workout schedule. Moreover, you can keep track of your fitness progress and accurately see if you are losing fat, building muscle or improving in another way.

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Do I need a segmental body composition monitor?

If you are seriously into fitness, a segmental body composition monitor is the right choice. Such a scale does not only show you the overall measurements, but does so per body part. 

Firstly, that helps you spot muscle imbalances. You can then adjust your training to rectify them. It is also very useful when recovering from an injury. You'll be able to track the affected body part and make a solid, facts-based recovery plan.

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