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TT-563 WBGT Heat Index Meter with alarm

Avoid stress, failure and dehydration use the personal wet bulb heat meter with alarm

Unique, portable, personal heat index meter that alarms you when it is (too) hot, alerting you to drink and rest more often to avoid heat stroke, dehydration and illness. Heat illness occurs when the body produces more heat than it loses. Humidity, wind, sun radiation influence the effect of high temperatures on the body.

WBGT (wet-bulb globe temperature) is considered risky when above 29.4 ℃ and extreme above 32.2 ℃. The heat sensor is perfect for elderly people, children and sick people that are already more vulnerable to high temperatures. But should also be used at work, sport & dance events, at (sport) training and competitions and for everybody in hot climates and summers. As well as for people that work under high temperatures.

Last heath wave in Europe; 2003; 70.000 people died, in France alone almost 15.000 people died, in Spain 13.000 and Germany 9.000. In 2013 in the UK during a heatwave 760 people died.


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